Performance Updates

Modest outperformance in a grim month, Among Top Five for three as well as five year periods ending 31st Dec 2022!
December 2022
Numero Uno again
November 2022
Stable showing in October
October 2022
Outperformance in a choppy month
September 2022
Underperformance in a volatile month, top decile rankings retained for three and five year periods
August 2022
Absolute gains and relative underperformance in a hopeful month, sustained top decile rankings in the three and five year periods
July 2022
Marginal outperformance and average one year performance, Top decile rankings for the three year and five year periods retained
June 2022
Fall along with the market, retained top decile three and five year rankings
May 2022
Marginal alpha despite a cautious start to the fiscal year 
April 2022
Capping a year of average performance, retaining top decile three and five year ranking <br=””></br=””> March 2022
Poor Month for us, sustained top ranking for three and five years
February 2022
Underperformance in a volatile month
January 2022
Closing 2021 with Number one rank for for three year performance among multi cap PMSes December 2021
Top decile rank for all key periods, Retained No. 1 spot for three year period November 2021
Number one for three years, top three for five years October 2021
Number one and top three based on performance over three years and five years respectively September 2021
Top or among the top rank for three and five years despite subdued month due to elevated cash level August 2021
Another month of out-performance; top decile rank across multiple timelines retained July 2021
Strong alpha in June 2021 allows us to sustain top 10% rank across all the key periods June 2021
Marginal Alpha in a strong month for the markets May 2021
Sameeksha PMS starts new financial year with strong Alpha in April April 2021
Sameeksha at five years: Numero Uno in performance across the PMS and Mutual Fund Universe   March 2021
Sameeksha PMS sustains its position as one of the consistent top performers February 2021
Sameeksha the only PMS to feature among top three performers within the multicap category for all the relevant periods January 2021
Among the absolute best for the periods of One, Two, Three and ~Five years December 2020
For yet another month, Sameeksha PMS retains its leadership position among the most consistent performers in India. November 2020
Sameeksha retains its spot as a clear and consistent leader in performance October 2020
Sameeksha sustains its top decile performance rank September 2020
Sameeksha PMS retains top decile ranking for all three key periods August 2020
Consistently superior performance for one year and longer periods on current and rolling basis July 2020
Performance update for July 2020 : Strong alpha across all time periods July 2020
Strong alpha across time periods, superior performance relative to mutual funds, top end performance among PMSes and more! June 2020
Economy re-opens, optimism lifts market higher May 2020
Markets continue to remain volatile, sharp rebound in April April 2020
Performance Update: Marginal recovery in April following sharp sell off in March March 2020
Flat month despite sharp sell off towards the end February 2020
Sameeksha continues to outperform PMS peers and mutual fund January 2020
Sameeksha sustains its position among top performing funds for the Year 2019 December 2019
Sameeksha Performance Update October 2019
Sameeksha Performance Update April 2017