Sameeksha sustains its top decile performance rank

September 2020

Sameeksha PMS retains top decile ranking for all three key periods

August 2020

Consistently superior performance for one year and longer periods on current and rolling basis

July 2020

Performance update for July 2020 : Strong alpha across all time periods

July 2020

Strong alpha across time periods, superior performance relative to mutual funds, top end performance among PMSes and more!

June 2020

Economy re-opens, optimism lifts market higher

May 2020

Markets continue to remain volatile, sharp rebound in  April

April 2020

Navigating through the Covid-19 led turbulent period

April 2020

Performance Update: Marginal recovery in April following sharp sell off in March

March 2020

Flat month despite sharp sell off towards the end

February 2020

Sameeksha continues to outperform PMS peers and mutual fund

January 2020

Sameeksha sustains its position among top performing funds for the Year 2019

December 2019

Evaluation of our investment decisions

November 2019

Sameeksha Performance Update

Ocotber 2019

Sameeksha Annual Investor Letter

March 2019

Sameeksha Annual Investor Letter

March 2018

Sameeksha Performance Update

April 2017