What may be unique about us

Process Driven

Rules based, process driven and, technology backed research methodology. Document everything we do, fill lengthy check lists, analyze our past decisions to learn from our mistakes and aim to regularly review and refine our process to sustain our ability to generate alpha

Investment in Technology

Invest heavily in in-house software development capability to improve efficiencies and accuracy in our research and operations work

Integrity and Alignment of Interests

Do the right thing even when no one may be watching; fair and transparent fee structure. Our founder fully aligned with investors through his substantial investment in our offerings

Looks for under-researched companies

If a pot of gold that is lying on the street, ask why no one else has picked it up and if indeed it is genuine gold, aim to grab it with both hands

Roll Up the sleeves a approach

Put our on-the-ground presence to smart use and spare no effort even if it means traveling to remote corners of the country

Absolute return based investment strategy, not afraid of holding cash

We invest based on absolute return potential commensurate with risk of any opportunity and are willing to hold cash as and when required

Message from Our CIO

I still remember what a senior colleague at Digital told me: “Paranoia is the safest frame of mind.” For designing the world’s fastest Alpha Microprocessor at the cutting edge of technology, it was very important to know upfront what can go wrong; one mistake and the whole chip would fail. Though investing is a very different world, I still find it very relevant to apply what I learnt from my experience as a chip designer. In the context of investing, I find a similar piece of advice I got from Professor Raghuram Rajan while studying at University of Chicago very relevant : “If you see a pot of gold lying on the street, ask first why no one else has picked it up”. As a portfolio manager, I can not emphasize enough the importance of knowing what not to buy. Finally, I firmly believe that when focus and hard work is backed by investment in high quality talent, processes and technology, outcomes are likely to be favorable and the results from our journey of first eight years is a strong reinforcement of this belief.

Bhavin Shah, Founder and Fund Manager

Our Leadership Team

Bhavin ShahFounder
Bhavin ShahFounder
Eswar MenonSenior Portfolio Councillor
Eswar MenonSenior Portfolio Councillor

Clients’ Testimonials

Read the reviews from many of our happy clients

Samir SanghaniCalifornia, USA

I have been a Sameekha PMS service account holder for last many years. I am very pleased to witness my portfolio gains to be higher than market averages and also higher compared to some of the popular equity mutual funds. With years of experience in international and domestic investment, Bhavin Shah has diligently led Sameeksha team to invest and fetch good returns. Sameeksha operation team has also been very cooperative in terms of preparing required reports for taxation, return analysis etc. Looking forward to Bhavin and team to continue to provide stellar portfolio gains as well as client services.

RamaswamyChennai, India

I am Ramaswamy from Chennai and I wish to express my utmost satisfaction as one of your delighted clients at Sameeksha Capital.

I extend my heartfelt congratulations and sincere appreciation to you and your team for doubling my investments within a span of around 3 years. The 50L+ that I invested at Sameeksha Capital in April 2021 has now reached the remarkable milestone of 1Cr today.

I am profoundly grateful for this remarkable achievement and I trust that your team will continue this exceptional performance in the years ahead.

Kudos on a job well done, sir.

Sameeksha Capital

Prescient Insights from Thorough Analysis

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I invest in Sameeksha and how is it different from other funds ?

    Ten reasons why you should invest with Sameeksha -
    1. What investing means to us: For us, investing is not entertainment. No fancy slogans, buzzwords, punch lines or “easy” themes. We do not wish to glamorize or trivialize stock picking and fund management. For us, it is about rolling up our sleeves and doing a lot of detailed “mundane” work to avoid the landmines and find that rare gem.
    2. Integrity: Track record of objectivity and impeccable integrity fully endorsed by top most global institutional investors. By being very selective in endorsing only the right companies, the founder, Mr. Bhavin Shah has given up many opportunities at Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, and other Start-ups to earn lucrative bonuses or get promoted.
    3. Investment in resources: Right from the beginning, we have chosen to invest in having a full strength research team composed of people who are passionate about and proficient in equity research and we will continue to follow this strategy of investing in the business far ahead of revenues
    4. Investment in technology: Investing is not rocket science; however, we must embrace technology or face obsolescence. We chose to be a 100% cloud based company five years before Covid. We are one of the very few PMSes that has its own software development team to aid our research and operations.
    5.Ability to invest in under: researched companies : We invest in companies across market cap spectrum and can operate below the radar of larger Institutional Investors. many larger funds. We have been following a strategy of reaching out to companies relatively unknown to the market for the last ten plus years and identified many winners.
    6. Unique Investment Strategy: We focus on process driven investing and have developed proprietary analytical models and methods which we follow rigorously to identify companies with superior risk-reward characteristics. A comprehensive set of rules guide us in our investment process and arguably reduce individual biases and mistakes.
    7. Alignment of interests: With a very large personal commitment to the fund, the fund manager’s economics are greater from portfolio performance than fees. Furthermore, the fund manager does not have any material side pockets in Indian Equities other than PMS and AIF managed by him.
    8. Roll up the sleeves: We are willing to do what it takes to learn about a company. For example, we travel to the far corners of the country to attend AGMs where we must sit in the audience and wait our turn to ask questions. By this way, we establish rapport with the company management and are able to learn a lot about their business in the process.
    9. Investor friendly performance fee: Many variations exist in the industry for calculation of performance fee.
    10. Emphasis on learning: Learning from our own mistakes, learning from others and striving to continuously refine our process and our tools to enable us to retain our competitiveness

  • What is the investment horizon as per Sameeksha’s strategy?

    We look at an investment horizon of 2 to 3 years. However, we are active investors and constantly keep looking for new opportunities. Our software development effort allows an analyst to do more interesting work since a lot of mundane tasks are automated.

  • Does Sameeksha take cash calls?

    We are not afraid to take cash calls when necessary but we do this only rarely and only when risk to capital is high e..g At the start of Covid, we went from 100% invested at the beginning of March 2020 to 35% cash in a very short time. We have a strict buy-sell framework. This means that we may sell a stock if it achieves our price objective and if we do not have other alternative ideas to invest, we do not mind sitting on cash till we find a better idea.

  • What is the strategy adopted by Sameeksha PMS to deploy new funds/investments?

    We believe in growth but at a reasonable price / value. We primarily invest in a company when the stock is available at a price below the level from which we can expect to generate returns that are the same or higher than our minimum required rate of return over a horizon of 2-3 years. Similarly we would sell a stock if we think it is no longer attractive - where an incremental return potential is very limited. Since we follow the said buy-below and sell-above price framework, we do not follow a model portfolio approach. So if an investor onboards with us now, the stocks purchased in his/her portfolio may be different from the stocks purchased in a portfolio say a year ago. Therefore, the new investor’s portfolio is a subset of the oldest portfolio and eventually, the portfolios naturally converge. Till the time the deployment is completed and the portfolio is built, the funds of the investor will temporarily remain in liquid funds such as liquid ETFs.
    We also have a Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) wherein the funds get invested in a staggered manner at regular intervals as mutually agreed between Sameeksha and the investor.

  • Are the PMS account opening modalities different for NRIs?

    Yes, Modalities are different for NRIs account opening.

    i. Sameeksha will open NRO/NRE Savings Bank account and PIS account with HDFC Bank.

    ii. Demat account will be opened with Nuvama Wealth and Investment Ltd and Trading account with Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd.

    iii. Investors will have to notarise their KYC Documents and Power of Attorney (sent by us) in their respective foreign country from Notary Lawyer or Indian Embassy or Apostille or local bank having branch in India or Indian bank having branch in that investor’s country.


Among The Most Successful Professionals In Equities; Rated The #1 Technology Sector Analyst In Institutional Investors Polls For A Decade. Highly Respected Among Peers For His Path-Breaking Work And Thought Leadership. Rose From An Associate To Managing Director Within A Span Of Six Years In The Investment Banking Industry

Twenty Years Of Experience Building Top Research Franchises: Seven Years As Managing Director And The Global Head Of Technology At JP Morgan, Six Years As Director And Head Of Asia Pacific Technology At Credit Suisse And Five Years As Founder Of Equirus SecuritiesTrack Record Of Innovation And Excellence In Equity Research

Anchored The Rise Of Credit Suisse  From An Unknown Name In Asian Equities To A Number One Ranked Firm In Asian Equities; Head Of Asia Pacific Tech Research

Credited For Building Top Ranked Global As Well As Asian Tech Research Practice At JP Morgan As MD And Global Head Of Tech Research; Made Defining Contribution To Enable JPMorgan To Move From An Also-Ran Player To A Top Global Name In Equity Research

Built A Very Profitable And Award Winning Indian Equity Business At Equirus From Scratch On A Tiny Budget; Achieved Number Two Ranking In Asia For Idea Performance

Impeccable Track Record Of Identifying True Long Term Winners Ahead Of Others Including Samsung Electronics, TSMC, Infosys And TCS And Guiding Investors To Stay Clear Of Laggards Such As UMC And SMIC Years Ahead Of Consensus.

Mind Of An Engineer, Worked In A Team That Designed The World’s Fastest Microprocessor With A Manta “Paranoia Is The Safest Frame Of Mind”. Awarded Two US Patents.

Work Experience Of Designing The World’s Fastest Microprocessors Based On Cutting Edge Technology For Which He Jointly Holds Two US Patents

Best In Class Business Education From The World Renowned Business School: Double Major In Economics And Finance, Beta Gamma Sigma Cum Laude From The University Of Chicago Booth. Excelled In Studies Under World Renowned Faculty Such As Dr. Raghuram Rajan, Former Governor Of The Reserve Bank Of India