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Top HNI fund managers still made big money in equities in a bad year

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Pan-India Booth Alumni Retreat

There are 400+ Chicago Booth alumni in India, making a difference as corporate executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and change agents in various industries and sectors. Read More ——>

17% return in a month! PMSes make good money for the ultra-rich in September

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s big corporate tax cut helped Indian portfolio scheme managers to deliver solid returns to their ultra-rich investors.  Read More ——>

79 PMSes across large, mid & smallcaps outperformed Sensex in September

Portfolio Management Services cater to wealthy investors with portfolio sizes exceeding Rs 25 lakh. The professional fee charged by them is slightly higher than regular mutual funds (MFs).

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Smart investing: 40 PMSes across large, mid & multicap outperformed Nifty in August

Portfolio Management Services cater to wealthy investors with portfolio sizes exceeding Rs 25 lakh. The professional fee charged by them is slightly higher than regular mutual funds Read More ———>

Bhavin Shah: Bussiness Outlook

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The Dow has seen a good 8% surge from the recent fall. Would it be too soon to say that the markets have bounced back or should we not read too much into the recovery?
We probably have entered a period of increased volatility. We are probably going to see incremental news on two sides. One is that if you talk about Dow in US, clearly it seems to be that the economy that is going from strength to strength, and may perhaps show continued signs of strength and that is going to b …  Read More ——–>

Among The Most Successful Professionals In Equities; Rated The #1 Technology Sector Analyst In Institutional Investors Polls For A Decade. Highly Respected Among Peers For His Path-Breaking Work And Thought Leadership. Rose From An Associate To Managing Director Within A Span Of Six Years In The Investment Banking Industry

Twenty Years Of Experience Building Top Research Franchises: Seven Years As Managing Director And The Global Head Of Technology At JP Morgan, Six Years As Director And Head Of Asia Pacific Technology At Credit Suisse And Five Years As Founder Of Equirus SecuritiesTrack Record Of Innovation And Excellence In Equity Research

Anchored The Rise Of Credit Suisse  From An Unknown Name In Asian Equities To A Number One Ranked Firm In Asian Equities; Head Of Asia Pacific Tech Research

Credited For Building Top Ranked Global As Well As Asian Tech Research Practice At JP Morgan As MD And Global Head Of Tech Research; Made Defining Contribution To Enable JPMorgan To Move From An Also-Ran Player To A Top Global Name In Equity Research

Built A Very Profitable And Award Winning Indian Equity Business At Equirus From Scratch On A Tiny Budget; Achieved Number Two Ranking In Asia For Idea Performance

Impeccable Track Record Of Identifying True Long Term Winners Ahead Of Others Including Samsung Electronics, TSMC, Infosys And TCS And Guiding Investors To Stay Clear Of Laggards Such As UMC And SMIC Years Ahead Of Consensus.

Mind Of An Engineer, Worked In A Team That Designed The World’s Fastest Microprocessor With A Manta “Paranoia Is The Safest Frame Of Mind”. Awarded Two US Patents.

Work Experience Of Designing The World’s Fastest Microprocessors Based On Cutting Edge Technology For Which He Jointly Holds Two US Patents

Best In Class Business Education From The World Renowned Business School: Double Major In Economics And Finance, Beta Gamma Sigma Cum Laude From The University Of Chicago Booth. Excelled In Studies Under World Renowned Faculty Such As Dr. Raghuram Rajan, Former Governor Of The Reserve Bank Of India