Bhavin Shah, Portfolio Manager

One of the most influential Equities professionals on the planet; Rated the #1 technology sector analyst in Institutional Investors polls for a decade. Highly respected among peers for his path-breaking work and thought leadership. Entered the investment banking industry as an entry level to associate and rose to a  position of Managing Director within a span of six years

Twenty years of experience building top research franchises: Seven years as Managing Director and the Global head of Technology at JP Morgan, Six years as Director and Head of Asia Pacific Technology at Credit Suisse and five years as founder of Equirus Securities

Track record of innovation and excellence in equity research

Anchored the rise of Credit Suisse from an unknown name in Asian equities to a number one ranked firm in Asian equities

Credited for building top ranked Global as well as Asian tech research practice at JP Morgan; Made defining contribution to enable JPMorgan to move from an also-ran player to a top global name in equity research

Built a very profitable and award winning Indian equity business at Equirus from scratch on a tiny budget; achieved number two ranking in Asia for idea performance

Impeccable track record of identifying true long term winners ahead of others including Samsung Electronics, TSMC, Infosys and TCS and guiding investors to stay clear of laggards such as UMC and SMIC years ahead of consensus. Known for never compromising his objectivity even when lucrative investment banking fees were at stake.

Mind of an engineer with a mantra paranoia is the safest frame of mind”.  Designed parts of the World’s fastest Microprocessor (Two US Patents) .Believes in process driven approach to Investing.

Work experience of designing the world’s fastest microprocessors based on cutting edge technology for which he jointly holds two US patents

Best in class business education: Double major in Economics and Finance, Beta Gamma Sigma cum laude from the top ranked business school in the world – the University of Chicago Booth. Studied under world renowned faculty such as Dr. Raghuram Rajan, former governor of the Reserve Bank of India


Eswar Menon, Fund Advisor


Founder of Harper Capital Management, an asset management company focused on managing equity portfolios for institutional investors. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees that oversees the $3.5 billion San Jose Police and Fire Pension Fund.

Skilled and experienced fund manager  with an excellent long-term, track record of outperformance and risk management.

Has invested in Emerging Markets as a portfolio manager, including India for 24 years. Seen many investment cycles and has navigated the ups and downs of Emerging markets very successfully.

Worked  at well known asset management companies including Nicholas Applegate, Loomis Sayles and WHV Investments, and at smaller companies including Denahi Global  Investments and Geneva Advisors.

Developed investments process that includes rigorous analysis of company fundamentals, verification of business quality with financial analysis and estimation of  intrinsic value using multiple methods. Portfolio risk analysis was an integral part of portfolio construction.

Generalist manager with keen insights into the global economy and macro sector trends. This allows for building selective areas of focus for more in-depth fundamental research.

Investor in India since 1995- successful early investments include HDFC Bank and Infosys.

MBA- University of Chicago, graduated summa cum laude with emphasis in Finance and Marketing, M.S. University of California, Santa Barbara in Electrical & Computer Engineering, B.Tech- IIT Madras in Electrical Engineering